Frequently Asked Questions

How can I pay?

By cash or a credit card. If you are not satisfied by one of the above mentioned ways, we shall take care of your financing.

Is it expensive?

The duration of treatment.
The quality of services
The longevity of the restoration.
In the Athens Smile Clinic all three afore-mentioned parameters are respected and handled the best possible way, thus turning the cost of any given restoration well-worthy and eventually, in essence cheap.

Is the therapy painful?

There are therapies that do not need anesthesia and are completely painless (i.e. Cosmetic/ Aesthetic Dentistry). Anesthesia, when mandated by certain procedures, is rendered without the generation of any discomfort.

How many appointments will be necessary?

For Cosmetic Dentistry only one appointment is required if there is no other oral health problems. If there are more extensive needs for both cosmetic and therapeutic procedures, they are addressed by our team of specialist in such a well coordinated manner that the duration of treatment is kept to the minimum possible, way shorter than the customary duration of similar treatments.

Must I be more careful after the treatment?

Definitely not. Of course it is a given that teeth under no circumstances should they be used as tools for tasks they are not meant to before and after any treatment. ( e.g. cracking nuts, or opening bottles )

Is it going to be obvious that I have undergone cosmetic dental treatment?

Absolutely not. People you meet in your daily interactions will become aware of an unidentifiable improvement in your look, and your new acquaintances will admire your beautiful, bright and healthy smile.

How can I keep my teeth beautiful and healthy?

We can guarantee the long term maintenance of your dental health, if you brush your teeth daily day and night, use dental floss and be compliant with a regular in-office follow -up schedule (usually every 6 months, sometimes depending on the case more often). These follow up visits include:
Periodic examination
Tooth cleaning
Removal of the tooth discolorations and polishing
Local applications of fluorid
If you follow the afore- mentioned, the initial shine and health of your teeth shall remain. If you have undergone bleaching treatment ( by whitening gels and /or laser ) you must repeat these treatments at a frequency dependent on the particulars of the quality of your teeth and your habits.
If you have undergone change of the shade of your teeth by teeth lifting, you do not need to worry about such periodic bleaching treatments.

How can I be sure that my oral/dental health problems are going to be addressed by the appropriate doctors?

The doctors of our clinic are specialized, each are in a particular subfield of dentistry. We have created some of the most beautiful smiles, equally in every – day and famous people from the areas of media, business, and arts. Among our clients are well established professionals from the modeling business, who have earned international awards in beauty pageants, their bright impeccable smiles having contributed significantly, to these distinctions (e.g. Star Hellas 2000).
A large well-known tooth- paste manufacturing company has chosen one of our smiles as “the most beautiful smile”, the choice accompanied by a monetary award.
The extensive experience of our specialists, the history of long – term, problem – free success of our restorations, as well as our rich photographic archives, which are at your disposal, are our guarantee and assurance that you have made the right choice.

More than 92% of adults agree that an attractive smile plays an important role in social relations.

Also, more than 85% of adults asked say they always remember someone with an attractive smile.
85% of respondents agree that a man with ugly smile is less attractive to the opposite sex.
Approximately 75% of respondents agree that an unattractive smile can reduce the chances of professional success of an individual.
More than one in four respondents are not satisfied with the appearance of their teeth.
The most common complaint rate of 40% of respondents regard the lack of white teeth.